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San Diego event production planning San Francisco creative content communications

Communications Services

We embrace your Company's objectives through "message management." Focusing on content, our team of communication experts will implement clear and consistent programs.

Production Planning with the Right Message …
At your next company meeting …

It was cold under blue skies as a group of 100 company sales representatives disembarked from motor coaches on a back road at a renowned winter resort. Snow was piled high among ancient cedar and pine trees. Attendees had just arrived from cities all over the United States, and they were ready to open their meeting…this time it would be different.

Just up the path, a small warming hut with a group of well-organized travel directors stood ready to properly attire guests with outerwear, helmets and finely tuned snowmobiles.

This company’s sales team was poised to embark on a six-mile ride through deep forest. The route would have challenging terrain and they would have to work diligently to reach the mountaintop. The summit would prove to be the best possible location for kicking-off a weeklong sales meeting, prior to returning to the comfort of a hotel and conference center.

The message from management was clear, “own the mountaintop and own market share.” A sales team under pressure to adapt to new technology, increase performance and represent new products is apt to need a compelling, yet simple mantra. A meeting site that resonates with a company’s message can be a catalyst for branding new ideas and shaking the rafters.

Communications with Creative Content

At your next National Sales Meeting or Product Launch, let us embrace your Company's objectives and corporate culture through our proven method of "Message Management."  

Focusing on creative content, our team of communication experts implements clear and consistent programs. 

Here is our "Message Management" model:

  • Create the meeting logo.  Colors compliment product themes and set the emotional tenor for the meeting.  We create an icon that is visually compelling, yet simple.  The tag line will be easy to remember and embraces your Company’s objectives before and after the meeting.

  • ESI builds awareness among attendees by developing an email marketing campaign.  Content focus begins several months prior to the event through electronic mediums; flash and html.  An enduring follow-up will be sent one week after the meeting concludes.

  • Our communications team can help you decide on meeting content.  We assist with building the agenda, balancing time frame with key points.  We recommend R&R, downtime and breaks.  Our goal is to keep retention high by narrowing the focus. 

  • ESI implements fun and fascination.  Product premiums, interactive demonstrations, creative menus and entertainment will add to the composition of your Company’s program and message.

  • Creating the “sizzle;” special events, multi media, recognition and out-of-the-ordinary activities are essential to driving the message.

  • We utilize state-of-the-art production and equipment, never compromising the guarantee of success!



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San Diego event production planning San Francisco creative content communications
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San Diego event production planning San Francisco creative content communications